Monday, September 23, 2013

Sun Wah Panciteria Restaurant

I discovered Sun Wah Panciteria back when I was in college and it was only a few months ago that I got to know the name of the place. Before that I only knew three things: they have a black pig outside their resto, they serve an awesome kick-ass pancit canton, and that a single serving is impossible to consume alone. When I chanced by the area last July, I made sure I read the name this time. It turns our to be:

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Crickets Are Good!

Surprisingly tasty, chewy, juicy, and strangely addicting! And I once said I was never putting a bug in my mouth. It tastes like adobo know, shredded chicken adobo deep fried in garlic oil after the meat is soft enough to fall off the bones. I ate a bowlful from Abe restaurant for Php230.00 I think. It's good with beer! 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Croods VS Epic

Both movies premiered around the same time, so I missed both. It wasn’t until last week that I finally got to watch them.

Here’s a quick narration of the movies:

The Croods is about getting from Point A to Point B with life-lessons to be learned in between. Point A is the cave, Point B is paradise.

Epic is about a skeptical girl who is forced to believe when she suddenly becomes the 'chosen one' to protect a very special bud from dying or turning into evil. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cafe de Seoul in Taft

I went to Cafe de Seoul two months ago and I was planning to go for another visit for better photos since there was a shoot going on back then. Well, I pretty much haven't gone back to the place since it's quite far from where I'm at. So, after coming across several articles and films featuring the cafe, I decided to create this post before everyone else does. Because I'm competitive like this. 

Da Vinci The Genius at The Mind Museum

The Mona Lisa at The Mind Museum

Every art student should at least pay homage to Leonardo Da Vinci for being the genius artist and inspiration that he is. When I first saw ads about an exhibit of his works at The Mind Museum I dismissed it for obvious reasons, the top being disappointed with paying a Php250.00 entrance fee to see fake reproductions. I had to think long and hard about keeping my money or missing the opportunity to see up-close the reproduced works of thee Leonardo. When I read an article claiming that the reproduced pieces were done by expert Italian artists, applying the same materials he used back then and mimicking the brushstrokes Leonardo did, I immediately scheduled for a visit. The experience was a bit disappointing…

Thursday, September 12, 2013

GK Enchanted Farm in Bulacan

GK Enchanted Farm is the second phase of GK2024 wherein the communities built by Gawad Kalinga are now formed into centers of social innovation. They are developing a system that can train global entrepreneurs who will produce global products that will sustain chosen communities and lift their social statuses to middle-class citizens. Once a field of kugon, the land was transformed and is slowly making itself known to the public as a learning hub for social entrepreneurs. I remember Tito Tony saying that he wants to train only the best because they are the ones who can conceptualize and manage competitive global brands that is up to par with western products. His theory proves effective with the products developed and being produced in the farm including Golden Eggs, Bayani Brew, CafĂ© de Sug, their artisan chocolates etc. Those volunteers come from our top universities, as well as other foreign students who too come from some of the best universities of their respective countries. He says that a lot of prominent French families send their children here to train and know what it’s like to toil for a cause. Usually, when he gives lectures abroad and students speak of ideas he invites them to the farm. Apparently he has grown tired of words and want actions done to prove a point. True enough, I saw a lot of young foreign people staying in the farm. He says part of his plan is improving our gene pool in the hopes that these people find their life partners in our country. Imagine our future generations living in a farm and looking like hunky models!? That I gotta see!

Their pretty cafe made out of bamboo and recycled materials.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

My 25th Weekend Birthday Bash

My Orange Cheesecake birthday cake with 25 candles! Thanks Petunias! Photo c/o Francis

I celebrated my 24th birthday with my family at Shangri-la’s HEAT. The price I had to pay the rest of the year was the price my parents had to pay for our meal that night, really really expensive. On my 25th, to celebrate the year ahead and compensate as reward for the terrible year I had to endure, I made it a point to really maximize the long weekend I was granted in the best way I know how, eat. In a span of four days I managed to eat in seven different places (Sa Kanto, The Village Tavern, The Cake Club, of course my lovely CBTL, Mercato, Slice, and Yakimix respectively.) And just so you know, we paid a lot more for a single meal at Heat than the seven places I ate in last week. This year, I’m celebrating my silver year, my quarter-life, my year of recuperation, and my incubation period before finally deciding where in life I should be. I've made my choice, but right now it’s still in the maturing process, thus I’m silent about the matter. The fact that if I live long enough, I will be thirty soon, and the pressure to make it in life is a struggle for someone under the process of experiencing a self-assessed quarter-life-crisis. Yes, I’m still working on that article.