Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Snippets: Pad Thai in Chatuchak

Taken May 31, 2014. Exactly two years ago (time check 10:30pm) I was at a hostel somewhere in Bangkok resting my feet from a day's worth of walking around Chatuchak Market and Terminal 21 mall. This was my lunch at Chatuchak that day, a nice plate of pad thai at one of the open air stalls in the middle of the market. It was nice and refreshing, but I do prefer my bean sprouts slightly blanched. That plump freshwater prawn was a nice touch, and the noodles were sticky and oily at the same time. The simplicity of the dish is what some Thai restos overlook here in Manila. I only have three shots of the dish, two of them blurred because I was starving then. I didn't even have the energy to stand up and take a proper photo of the plate.

I miss Thailand. </3

Part of my May 31, 2014 journal says:

"Woke up a little late today as I was really beat last night. Ate another 7 Eleven breakfast. Today is our last day in Bangkok and I'll be spending it for shopping. Amazing how I am now missing the life of a nothing. I look forward to getting home and do nothing."

It was our 11th day on a cross-country trip from Vietnam-Laos-Thailand down to Cambodia. When you pack so much itinerary in a short amount of time the tendency will be getting burned out along the way...which is why I want to avoid too much jam-packed trip after that one.