Sunday, March 17, 2013

Oz: The Great and Powerful

1. It's a Disney movie and comes true with their recurring theme of "happily ever after."

2. The script was written with good humor.

3. Mila Kunis was noticeably plump in the movie. 

4. Frank/Finley was one of the best sidekicks Disney came up with.

5. Glinda the "good witch" was obviously a big flirt. Peg: naughty librarian.

6. James Franco made Oz one cheesy character throughout the movie.

7. China Girl was one of the beautifully made character for the fantasy-ness of Oz.

8. I got the impression that there was a sense of urgency in ending the movie. Scenes were abrupt and just in a hurry to roll out the credits.

9. I clearly heard a child yell, "YUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!" during the kissing scene.

10. I wish I watched it in 3D. . .

As we left the theater Ana mentioned as to why Disney allowed Oz to give an impression that it's okay to be cunning/deceitful and lie as long as it's for the greater good. I disagreed and explained that the movie's point was that there is good in all of us even if we believe that we are eviiiiiil. Well, how ironic of me to say that. >:)<

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pancake Breakfast

The thing about waking up to a beautiful gloomy Sunday morning is being torn between snuggling in heaps of warm pillows or greeting the day with a nice walk outside...then I realized I was hungry. So, coffee and pancake it was.

Finally, I made an entire batch of pancakes fluffy enough and unevenly brown enough to make me happy. This is the kind of pancake I like looking at, spots of white in between the swirly bits of golden-crispy pancakey goodness. The one on the far left is a stack of crepes by the way--and it's the face of what a common pancake looks like--boringly perfect.

When it occurred to me that making my kind of pancake was as simple as spreading the oil in the middle of the pan until it looked like a collection of water droplets before pouring in the batter, I was like, of course! Duh! Eureka! Shame on me for not noticing it thirty-eight pancake batches before! It's the first one you make in every batch that our cook usually called as the "ugly one" being the only one to cook with an uneven brown surface. Little did I know that the ugly one is what I would long to perfect years later.

Today I did three things that made a world of difference to my pancake:

1. Substitute water with a buttermilk and whole milk slush. (I was mortified when I realized that buttermilk tasted like Greek yogurt and mistakenly thought the batter would end up sour, hence the milk.)

2. Separate the yolk from the whites and beat the egg whites like crazy until your arms get numb and the white forms soft peaks--the phase before it becomes a meringue.

3. Add drops of essential oils to the mix. Today I added lemon and blueberry essences along with fresh blueberries.

And of course, what's the harm in adding a variety of toppings besides butter and maple?

The end result? Happy palettes and stuffed tummies.