Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Gourmand Market

Although it was a totally bad idea to have decided to drop by the event after pigging out at Niu, causing me not to get excited at the sight of food AND not want to eat any more despite how pretty they all looked because I was still recovering from a food coma. Instead, what I found delight in was the whole set up of the place, transforming the site into a very rustic-vibe market with the whole crates and pot with dainty flowers thing going on. I had no camera with me, but the place was too pretty to ignore that I decided to use my cellphone to take the pictures instead. It was high-noon when I got to the place that I could not see what I was shooting at, but here's a few okay ones that I got at the end of the day.

With so much going on, I didn't really notice what they were selling.

I will never get tired of seeing coffee shops.

Reminds me of the movie props where the car smashes
right into the fruit stand and the pieces fly out the screen.

It was so bright I didn't see my finger was covering the lens.

Added attraction were three poor goats unsure of the whole situation.

This was the first thing that made me want to take photos
even if all I had was my cellphone.

Now, this could have been a better shot had the child chose not to sit there...

Chilled Taho from Holy Carabao for Php50.00

I did buy chilled taho from Holy Carabao to take home, and it was nice with them opting to use the large pearls instead of the typical tapioca ones. The taste though was lacking as compared to the ones being sold by manong taho on the streets...but they did guarantee a sanitary product at least. 

I did try the free samples being given out and the were tasty as the ones your aunt makes. You can feel the love they've put into every morsel of their product.

They provided picnic tables for a communal dining experience with other guests, and the whole setting was really a nice place to hang out in for those who like to be surrounded by food and all things organic.

The event will be until tomorrow at High Street Central...and I'm hoping they do it again soon because it's a pretty place to stroll through a few minutes especially when it's smacked right in the middle of a concrete jungle. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Cafe by the Ruins

Strawberry Shortcake. A layer of fresh strawberries, shortbread, whipped cream and syrup. Yummehh!

The moment the bus arrived in Baguio city, after almost seven hours of butt-aching travel, we immediately thought "Luuuunch time!" Since we did our research, we knew the place to be was at Cafe by the Ruins. Doing research is one thing, but navigating the actual site posted as a challenge. We called a taxi to take us there and he said, "Lakarin niyo na lang!" and left us. :( It was nowhere in sight! We went to another taxi and asked him to take us there, and he said, "Mag jeep na lang kayo!" :(( At least he was kind enough to assist us and instruct the jeepney driver to take us there. It was the right decision not to walk all the way to the Chuntug branch from where we were at. We arrived at Cafe by the Ruins and was 16th on the waiting list. :((( On our way back to Manila we realized that there was actually another Cafe by the Ruins two blocks away from the Victory Liner bus terminal. :(((( I managed to buy a bottle of their fresh milk for Php120.00 before getting on the bus. It was so fresh that it got sour on the third day and I only managed to drink half of its content. D: Although interior-wise, I prefer the one at Chuntug St. than the one in Upper Session Road.

Despite the setbacks, their Tita Susie's Crispy Tapa alone was worth the trouble.