Saturday, October 27, 2012

Breakfast at Slice

My desk (after the overhaul.)

I've prettied up my workplace for my first entry. I made a few changes before I took the pic: nailed a bigger cork board, attached the wooden clothespin, hung some of my works and placed those stickers on my wall. Yep...that picture is a lie!

In any case, it looks good...but it's not the look I wanted. Must. Resist. Temptation. To remove all stickers and painstakingly painting my wall with the tree thingy I want. I event labelled it for you <3

And in other news...

Surprisingly, it was a good cup of cappuccino and granola.

I ate at Slice for breakfast, with no intentions of posting about it, I didn't bring my cam so I had to take a picture with my phone cam when I saw that my coffee came on a wooden plank. I've always wanted my coffee served on a wooden chopping board! So I got giddy and took a shot...tried to edit it earlier to improve the color at least, but I gave up after a few clicks. Sad.

Left: Tuna Melt Panini and Scrambled Egg; Right: Quatro Formaggi Panini    

It was one of those few occasions that I was craving for something more savory than sweet, so I ordered a four cheese panini with a side of scrambled egg. I took a bite of the four cheese and it tasted surprisingly like tuna sandwich. It took five seconds for the waiter to say "sorry". My four cheese arrived the next five seconds, so I was obligated with eating two paninis for breakfast. No complains. In fact, my compliments to the waiter for the mistake...the tuna panini ended up as free. Sweet!

So yep, I ended up posting the Slice event for two reasons: I finally got my coffee served on a wooden board, and I got to eat two paninis for the price of one!