Tuesday, September 30, 2014

BCG Art Mart (Sept 27-28)

Bottled koi pendants with ball chain.

Last September 27 and 28, Teacup Ideas participated in its first-ever bazaar--and it was exhausting!!! The preparation of our products took at least a month, and I had to juggle between my 8-hour office work, daily chores, social life and finalizing things for the event--hence my temporary hiatus from blogging. 

Was it a success? The event was, but our products didn't sell like hotcakes (except for our hand-painted greeting card that is,) still, it was a good experience despite the setbacks.

Anyway, I took a photo of what's left of the products that I made for the past few weeks:

Yummy food magnets for your notes. About 25 cents to 1-peso coin in size.

Lifestyle themed dangling earrings.

Bottled food pendants with brass chain.

Bottled elixir and poison pendants.

Fruit Loops dangling earrings and pendant set.

Various animal dangling earrings.

Bottled poison pendant with brass chain.

Set of Luna Lovegood's raddish earrings with necklace for Potterheads.

The group is yet to figure out how we'll be selling these online, plus I am still unsure how much I will be selling them online, so I can't put a price tag here just yet. But what I can guarantee is that we'll be hitting the bazaars soon enough.

Our product line includes other artsy stuff, including tote bags, tees, pouches, accessories and other whatnot products that we can manage to whip up within a given time-frame. I'll be updating the blog for announcements on our next ventures, but until then I invite you to like us on Facebook to get the latest updates about our teacup group.