Monday, April 25, 2016

International Street Food Festival 2016

Truffle Lechon worth for effin P350.00!!! It was really good, but the skin wasn't crispy, the serving so under-portioned.

When rumors first came out that the World Food Congress 2016 would be held in the Philippines, I got giddy, and when it was revealed that the venue would be in BGC, I had no excuse not to go. And it was amazing how the news spread like wildfire, almost everyone I knew had heard about the event, and almost all of them had intentions of going. This made me realize how much foodies there are out there. Shortly after posts of how bad the line was and how pricey the choices were, a lot of my friends backed out. But apparently, this post proves that nothing swayed me from getting my fair share of the street food feast, and a few of my friends as well.

I went Wednesday at 7pm...the line stretched for two blocks, and I had to wait in line until 8:15pm before I got it. What helped me through the ordeal of the hunger was the sound of Up Dharma Down serenading us onstage. I only wish I wasn't as hungry nor lining up outside when they were playing. Getting in was one thing, getting my food was another series of waiting, from queuing up to pay which took me about twenty minutes and another thirty in line to claim my dinner. I got fed a little over 9 o'clock with food that was the sized a bit smaller than a salad plate. The sad part was that a lot of the vendors were sold out by the time I got in the venue, so I had to settle for other options...which I didn't regret in the end. Although I must comment that the first day of the event there were a lot of confusion in the line, and there's nothing worst than waiting for twenty minutes only to be told in front of the counter that you're on the wrong line and must go to the back of the other line to claim your food or order. They did correct this with a signage when I returned on the last day though.