Saturday, December 22, 2012

Crazy Chicken

It's one thing to go in a restaurant, order whatever, make your observations, take a few photos, and write your review a while after; it's a whole other thing to know a restaurant before it came to be and know that the owners' eyes are hard on you, eagerly waiting for a hopefully biased article because you're relatives. Well...I shall deny that this one is a one-sided review because I shall, kindly, also include the other side of the spectrum.

Unlike my other articles, I actually know what this restaurant is all about and how it came to be...I was even involved with the look of the place. Yep, the looney chicken logo was designed by moi, as well as most of the food shots you'll see for the ads and stuff. This was one of the bigger "free"lance projects I did...well, I got my pay in kind. Still, despite the emphasis on free, I enjoy doing such projects and if this thing gets big I shall be proud of it. My brother is also the one responsible for the look of the interior.

We were doing a photoshoot, that's why the tables look messy.

The idea of Crazy Chicken came about due to the lack of existing buffalo wings place here in the metro. So the concept happened before Bon Chon arrived to our shores and made the spicy wings a local staple. A relative of mine, together with her husband, travelled all over USA trying out the different wings being offered, from San Francisco, to Chicago, to Los Angeles, and New York. And as foodies should notice, it's those people who've tasted the actual authentic thing who wind up with a proper-tasting recipe. As my cousin is a foodtech and food taster for the likes of Pizza Hut, KFC, and other big food industry names, she knew extaclty what to whip up for her menu the moment they returned to the country. It was a long process of trial-and-error to the point where her kids grew wings, but the reward was a really good buffalo wings and burger place.

Meaty Red Spaghetti

Insanity Burger (Php 195.00)

Funky Burger (Php 125.00)

Korean Soy Garlic Chicken

The addicting Jalapeno Sticks (Php 59.00)

Potato Wedge (Php 49.00)

An open-faced Overload Burger (Php 155.00)

Shoe-string Burger (Php 140.00)

The Nachos are good for sharing (Php 70.00)

If there are such things as hole-in-the-wall places, this is one of them; but it's more of an out-of-the-way restaurant because getting there is not easy, and finding the place will take you through sub-streets down smaller roads in far away Marikina until--lo and behold--you see the awesome logo of Crazy Chicken! Good for those living in Marikina, bad for everyone else...but if you have a car, give it a whirl though because it's worth the effort for chicken lovers. The idea of the interior (because I know firsthand) came about from retro American diners with the striped wall on one side, and a bright fiery red on the other. The cushioned seats and the stainless tables are illuminated by the warm industrial lamps at night. The canvas hanging on the wall are streets in New York and it feels right to look at them as you dig your teeth down those spicy chicken meat. But--and I know--elements are still missing on the red side of the wall because I'm still in the process of doing the artwork to be I didn't take a photo of it. 

Personally, I'm a sucker for spicy food. I remember trying Buffalo's Wings N' Things's nuclear wings despite the warning that it's only "for those who dare"...I was disappointed as it tasted more buttery than spicy. That said, I tried Crazy Chicken's level-2 spicy wings and it caused me to wallop the table as I grasped for air. It was hot like peeking your face down in hell, but it was also bursting with flavor down to the bone that it made the experience more delightful than painful. The lemon pepper was also a nice combination of this citrusy-zingy bite then kicks you with a slight spicy aftertaste. The garlic parmesan was crispy and reeked of the beautiful pungent taste you get from two strong flavors. The Korean soy garlic had a nice Asian flare as the sauce is thick and gooey that sticks perfectly well on the chicken. Like most chicken joints, they double-fry the wings for a crispier experience before smothering it with the desired sauce. The chicken parts served are also big despite the cheaper price, so this makes it affordable.

Another notable food item on their menu are their ginormous burgers. They use Australian beef angus which is a plus, and they don't put much extenders which is a plus-plus; and they serve it on a chopping board which adds another plus to their plus-size burgers. They're not kidding when they say that they use 1/3 pound beef patty because as you see in the picture, it is as big as the bun itself. Now, imagine ingredient topping off another ingredient after the other; it's basically a meal that will stuff your stomach full. Sharing it is completely understandable.

I'm not a big fan of the Filipino-style spaghetti, but it you like it sweet and saucy, the one served here might hit the right spot because I describe the taste as nostalgic, the kind you'd eat in children's parties back in the 1990s. Now, if you have cold beer at home, try the jalapeno sticks or eat it as a snack. As the fried chili wrapped in lumpia wrapper and stuffed with cheese is gaining its fair share of fans, you shouldn't let the opportunity of a possible addiction go. It's crispy and oozing with cheese but the bang is not as tear-jerking as you may think because it perfectly gains your favor. The nachos is also something that I will mention because they make darn good salsa made out of fresh onions, tomatoes, and cilantro; and if you can imagine those with the ground beef and cheddar sauce topping the crispy tortilla, then you'll know what I mean. Special mention on the thick-cut potato wedges and the iced tea that reminds me of Tokyo Tokyo's red iced tea.

Here's a copy of their latest menu.

Also Like their Facebook page on:

**The restaurant has transferred to Lilac St. in Marikina, at 56D or something...and they are rebooting the Crazy Chicken brand starting with the logo that I've conceptualized, plus the whole interior of the resto and the menu! I'll also be doing a new photoshoot on the new food.

***Their target date for the grand opening is sometime in July...I suspect around the end of it.

****They finally opened their newly rebooted resto last August 25 along Lilac St. in Marikina. I am yet to visit the place, but I've tasted their food and it's just as good as the last, plus they added a few new items in as well. I'll upload a new post once I get to it. 

Bye 2012!

Yesterday was the end of the world according to the Mayan Calendar. I'm here to update the day after...I must be a survivor, or Armageddon was cancelled again for some reason as it has been on several occasions now. Who knows, maybe next year will be the end of the world again?

It's been a long wait, but finally I can breathe a sigh of relief as the year closes to an end. This has to be my worst year yet. I thought this was going to be my year because it's the Year of the Dragon...but no, the dragon was a total bitch! Seriously, had the world ended this year I'd be in deep crap because I know I will get no rest until I find redemption. Imagine me becoming one of those unrest souls in a world of an apocalytic aftermath...what's the point of being a ghost if there won't be any humans left to scare?

If there's one thing I look forward to this year, it was to end it...not necessarily via apocalypse, just get it over with December 31, 2012 - 23:59:59. 2013 better be good to me or else I'd be damned to endure another terrible year. My only consolation was buying myself a bunch of new stuff because, as a must for all, we must prioritize ourselves this Christmas season...therefore, before buying everyone else's Christmas present I bought myself these well-deserved gifts.

1. Hedgren Sling Bag (Php. 2700++ from Travel Club)

I have been eying this bag for a long time at Bratpack now, it's just that the ones available then were either too big or isn't the right shape I want. When I saw this on Glorietta's Travel club, I knew this was "it". I can still recall the priceless look the sales lady gave me when I said I was going to purchase the bag. You see, I was not in the mood to wear shoes that day, so I wore a shirt, some jeans, and the slippers I use at home. As you may well know by now, sales people were trained to not mind the people who look incapable of spending, so I went around the store unnoticed. When I finally inquired about the price of the bag, the sales lady wasn't enthusiastic about telling me that it was a little pricey. I recognized it as an all-purpose rude expression. That's wasn't my concern. Upon hearing that the price was in my budget range of below Php 3000.00 I immediately said, "Okay, I'll buy it." It took less than a second between the closing of her mouth and my decision to get it. And you should've seen the face of the woman, wide-eyed and jaw falling in disbelief that a woman dressed unfit to enter their store could do impulse buying under such quick circumstances. I had to dissuade myself from suddenly doing my signature evil in-your-face see her send a telepathic apology as she handed me the paper bag was in-your-face enough.

This Hedgren was designed in Belgium, but made in China...and one of North Face's sister company. I love the words written on the print:

range results of Book or Life,
between and written those words!
Before the nebula of thoughts
history for the whole purpose
cleaning, beating flights crying
those starting art

Okay...I did not get that one either...must be a Chinese translation of a song or something.

2. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 2013 Planner (Priceless in my opinion, but if I add up the bill of 12 stamps in total, it will cost somewhere around Php. 1600++)

This may be the shortest amount of time I got to collect the stamps. In a span of two and a half weeks I was able to get the planner...simply because they gave it sometime mid-November, and knowing that I'll be leaving for Bacolod early December, I was pressured to drink CBTL almost every day for the planner. I'm thankful I was able to make it because other planners for 2013 doesn't seem all that perfect to carry around everywhere and write on...CBTL's planner had the perfect size, the perfect paper thickness and color, and the perfect daily space-size to fill up...I still wish the Saturday and Sunday boxes were bigger though because it's the only time of the week that I actually get to do a lot more than work a routine. Their coupons aren't all that interesting compared to two years ago though...sad.

3. Hardbound Notebook (Php. 200++ from a'postrophe)

I love this new fad of using the Brit-post-war ad campagine of "Keep Calm and Carry On" thing. There had been a lot of rendition and rephrasing going on, but I think the original thing is where the point of it all comes from. It's made in China--I know...but they did good with the paper quality used for the pages because the lines were dark brown and cleanly printed. I'm quite particular about where I write because it affects my thinking flow for some reason...those notebooks with blue lines irritate me and distract me from writing striaght because all I could think of is how ugly the lines look. But a closer inspection on the cover will tell you that it is made in China because behind the British tag line is a sentence saying, "New York is the most populous city in the United States and the center of the New York Metropolitan Area etc."

4. Five pairs of Muji Knitted Socks (Php. 695.00 from Muji)

Muji, though clearly is a Japanese brand, is chuck-full of Made in China tags. In my campaigne to avoid made in China products, I often look for the tag to see where it's made...unfortunately 90% of which are from China. When I got a glimpse of the Made in Japan text though, I gotta have it! It's one of the few items in Muji actually made in Japan. The thing is from recycled yarn which means it's eco-friendly other than the fact that it looks perky and cool.

As a side note, I forgot that this is one of the things I wrote on my wish list for our Secret Santa exchange gift program game thingy. Wait--come to thing of of it, I bought this after I wrote it on my wish list because I was so excited of recieving it that I actually bought it for myself instead. Anyway, I had a lot on my wish list that I thought I was gonna get the CBTL tumbler because it was cheaper than the socks...but Katrina was happily counting her gold bars when she decided to get me my secret gift. Now I have 10 pairs in my closet. Sweet!

5. Capri Cloth Wallet (Php. 1850.00 from Muji)

With my leather wallet self-distructing itself with its self-inflicting tears, it looked pitiful in my new I went to hunt down my new wallet for the next two or so years. I had three qualifications: it must be a three-fold, it must fit the back pocket of my pants, and it must not scream its beautiful branding. Check. Check. Check. The material was durable, it had a few slits to fit the few cards I carry, there was a copper zipper detailing on the inside which looked totally I have a thing for the blue and brown color combination lately thanks to Tricia Gosingtian's photos of guys wearing those color pairing in Paris. The only thing that was really hard for me was that it was a lot over my price budget. But it is lovely to grab and fill cash with. I think this will be a lucky wallet.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

About: A Late Introduction

I know I've always been late for different things and many reasons. It's my daily ritual to be late for work at least 4-5 days a week...which is everyday if I don't get lucky with the traffic. I hate the idea of rushing myself, and I definitely hate the idea of being too early (unless the meeting place is a coffee shop.) My concept of good timing is either be less than five minutes early or be a little late, but not so late that you become an ass--YES! I'm talking to you people who don't have the common decency of ignoring the concept of Filipino time--I for one find it non-existing. I cannot say that I often make excuses for being late, as for me, it is often a choice.

I think it's only proper for every blogger to explain what her blog is all about to set things straight to her audience and ward off any confusion for those who plan to regularly check for updates.

Sometimes I have to deny that I'm lazy because I want to juggle so many tasks that I end up doing none because the thought has overwhelmed me. So many instances wherein I set a day to get everything done then cancel it the minute after because...okay, I think I'm lazy. But hey! Looking back at life, I think I've done a lot, despite the fact that I could have done more, because I easily get bored of doing the same things over and over. One thing I will not deny though is that I've got a terrible-aweful-shameful grasp on memory that it has gotten me so much down time due to its sadistic nature. I remember being scolded at on so many occasions even before reaching puberty because I forget so many things at the same time. So sorry if I don't call you by name--I've probably forgotten what it was. I know I easily get distracted, but deep down, I know it's genetic.

So...before I forget and everyone thinks that I'm doing a food blog...well you're darn wrong! Though partially right...still, let me explain!

This is a personal blog that I'm doing, mostly I'll be talking about cafes though. A means to share my thoughts and experiences that tackles on the subjects that I like and of course, things I could bother to write about. Obviously, I love dining out, in cafes most especially because of my love for sweets and my need for caffeine. I'm a cafe hunter (if ever there's such a word.) But this is really a personal blog about what goes on in my head and out of it; those I can share and those thoughts that couldn't fit in my journal. This is an extension of my journal...a detailed write up about what cannot fit in those small spaces on my daily planner, yet also a less explicit execution of my thoughts. This will become my new go-to place whenever I want something written and not drawn. I know I'm an artist and I'm suppose to draw a lot...but after years of doing just that, I found my refuge in writing as a break from what I regularly do. Besides, words can paint a better picture in ones imagination than an actual painting because there is no limit to the canvas. Words can go further and create a world entirely out of context. That, and that it's also easier to use a keyboard than to pick up an actual brush. I've always been fascinated by lines and the words that come out by connecting a few of it is something that drives me page after page of aimless scribbles. This blog will be those scribbles typed into a more readable handwriting may be bad, but I try to make it so for me to descipher that it's mine.

Eight years ago I began writing my journal in a notebook...the first was a Bugs Bunny the second was Tasmanian Devil. Sometimes I wrote two pages of journal, and at times half a page. After three years I felt detached to the simplistic nature of how my journal looked like, so I switched to a planner five years ago. Then a few years back, I did livejournal entries online but ended up forgetting my password...this time, I'm doing a blog to store my memories in a more accessible form. I suppose age has its ways of letting you be more confident about expressing nonsense. This is my proof.

Why My Bittersweet Cafe you say?

Cafes are places where people can comfortably hang out for hours and is a good escape for some. For now, this is my escape from my fantasy and my glimpse of reality...or it could be the other way around on occasion. Well...for those who don't know, my highest aspiration is having my own cafe someday. I'm working on it during my spare time actually, the menu and brand concept...but there's still a lot of things actual execution. Anyway, my parents are partial to the idea because I haven't told them what my real plan is, I just tell them I want a coffee shop. So, in the process of fulfilling that aspiration, so far this is what I have, an online blog that will take me around different cafes and the feeling is bittersweet. I don't plan to call my cafe Bittersweet because I think there's already one, but I do intend to make the cafe happen. I don't know exactly when, but until then, this are my bittersweet cafes.

This blog, my blog, is a package of interests, likes and dislikes; the places I've been to, and the music I listen to; the movies I've seen, and the food I've eaten. This is a personal blog because these words are my thoughts, and those pictures are my memories. These are the things I hear from people close to me, or read from the things that matter. These are the stories running through my head when I sit silent and stare into nothing. This will show my progress through the days that will teach me how great the world we live in and how lucky we are to have the ability to share it.

Tutto Domani

A lifestyle coffee bar and patisserie.

Described as "A lifestyle café deconstructing the traditional concepts of dining and entertaining one plate at a time." on their FB page.

Never have I met any server more enthusiastic about serving than the one from this cafe. The moment we entered, his smile reached from cheek to cheek and he was very accommodating when it came to suggesting everything from the menu. It made me wonder if he was actually a politician in his past life as he seemed really really perky about giving good service. He was all over the place! I even remember him saying that he was an all-around staff who both waited and cooked...hmmmm....

The interior was clean and casual.
Stitch was a  life-size cutie pie.
Green minded people will laugh at this photo...
A photo taken from the outside.

The driving force that led me to this cafe were three things, the saffron-truffled rigatoni pasta I've seen in other blogs, the indie-themed interior, and the toys on display. Like other themed cafes I've been to, the seats are never uniformed as each chair is different for every table and every table is of a different size or shape. Tutto Domani has two large tables for groups of eight and five smaller ones for those who like being alone. The toys were bountiful, those that come as a collectable and those that are one-of-a-kind. There were action figures of familiar characters and there are also toys that were just toys designed to look cute and collect dust in one corner. One thing I've noticed that were common among the toys though, they were all I wasn't able to purchase any, even just a key chain. OH! And of course, how can I forget? The other most important thing that got me to go here was that they served their food on wooden chopping boards! Yes, I have a thing with food served on chopping boards.

The menu has a fair range of dishes to choose from, but I've set my eyes on one thing that stood out in the list, it's the saffron cream sauce with smoked salmon garnished with mushroom and truffle sea salt on rigatoni noodles. Now that had a "saucy" ring written all over it. I love smoked salmon, and saffron, and truffle, and mushrooms, and pasta...what more is there to ask? Foie gras smothered on toasted brioche on the side maybe? No, there wasn't any foie gras, but the dish was quite nice as it is. It was surprisingly light...contrary to the thought that it would be very savory with the truffle and the saffron. I should note though, the smoked salmon they wrote in the menu tasted more like canned on my pasta because it was flaky and not that was my only disappointment.

These things are not that easy to play with.

The new "it" sugar because it's healthier they say.

As we waited for our orders to arrive, we were given a couple of puzzle toys to solve to distract us from waiting. We did tried our very bestest-est but we ended up in a hopeless state of self-doubt with our intellectual compitence by the time the food arrived...let's just say we solved none of the puzzle pieces because the food was quicker than our brain cells. We gave up on logic and got down to more important matters, like eating.

The one I got was a combination platter of the salad, my choice of pasta, sandwich and dessert, a side of chips and a teeny-tiny glass of iced tea. The pasta was the rigatoni I mentioned earlier, the sandwhich was the Fish Tango (a combination of tuna, salmon, and tanguinge) which tasted as fishy as its name--but a nice kind of fishy taste--the salad was citrusy and refreshing; the chips were made with real potatoes; and the teeny-tiny glass of iced tea tasted either like Lipton or Nestea just because I couldn't recall it, just that it was in a teeny-tiny glass. For dessert I was torn between crounds and crepe the end, they both tasted like pancake.


Dried Fish Pasta (Php 300.00)

Nutella Crepe

Creme of Cremes Crepe


On the contrary, the dried fish with mushroom, asparagus, and seafood on fettucinni Francis ordered was bursting with fish-salt taste. It overwhelmed my salt-sensitive taste buds that a single bite was all I could muster to swallow...but I should commend that it had a good balance of other flavors for a dish that is powered by dried fish.

My late friends Marian and Elora--let me rephrase that--my friends who arrived very late for the occasion both got crepe. The creme of cremes crepe sounded really fact they used (sadly, I assume) Nestle cream...not that I have issues with Nestle cream, it's just that I was hoping for a less common whipping cream to be used as I was expecting it to be the creme of cremes. The other crepe was Nutella, so I have no right to complain because it was exactly Nutella in that crepe.

We were happily eating when the hippie looking dude who could only be the owner asked us if the food was good. Of course it's rude not to praise what's served on the Francis and I opted for a positive feedback. It was a sincere compliment. The man said he was aiming for a Euro-Asian menu, pointing out the dried fish pasta in particular. He said he is still in the process of experimenting with the taste, so he tries to ask for feedback so that he could adjust the taste accordingly to the consumer's palette. He said a foreigner once ate the dried fish and found it too salty, but Pinoys seem to love it. I must be a foreigner... 

New World Renaissance Hotel, 
Esperanza St cor Makati Ave San Lorenzo, 
Makati City

*Due to persistent demands, some 
photos were taken by Francis Nariz

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Rise of the Guardians

Frankly, I watched the movie because of Dream Works' rendition of Jack Frost. White-haired sexy dude with beautiful grey-blue sparkly eyes who has the awesome power of ice and levitation. Not bad. And I wasn't surprised when many agreed that Jack Frost was enough reason to watch the movie. He didn't disappoint either, he had so much screen time throughout the movie that there's so much reason to stare into a trance. 

Other than him, the CGI was wonderfully rendered, very reminiscent to those videogames I once played. Reminded me of Kingdom Hearts, actually. How I miss those nostalgic was the graphics that it was just the right adventure-fantasy-animation fix I needed.

Basically, the story is for kids because I didn't relate much to it...nor basically put in much thought to figure out. Okay, it's about finding one's core purpose...which I highly doubt kids can relate to either. Throwing in a question about one's purpose in life and relating it to a cute mystical being threw me off the meaning of the story, I was there for the action and lots of Jack Frost. 

To actually defend what I said, half-way through the movie the kids in the theater had gotten annoyingly noisy and restless because they wanted less talk, more action! Personally, I found the first fight between Pitch, Sandman, and Jack more appealing than the slapstick one in the end. Fast-paced and enough violence for the kids! 

The other characters weren't so bad either: a mime-badass Sandman, a Russian-inspired Santa with tattoos, an out-back Australian Easter Bunny who seemed to have had it rough, a frisky hummingbird-humanoid Tooth Fairy, and a Tim Burton-inspired-Cullen-eyed-boogeyman antagonist named Pitch. I say that's A+ for the concept...if only the mermaids and the chupacabras made cameo appearances then the fantasy-ness of it all would have been a level higher.    

The children, those who played a role in the movie, were the ones you'd find in old family cartoons because they were pretty helpless and stupid--I mean yes, they did save the guardians because they overcame their fears in the end (oops! spoiler!) How easily they gave up on believing in everything because they couldn't find the eggs on Easter was a WTF moment...can't blame them

Another notable detail and the lack of it made think that this movie was made to be designed as a game--I think they have a game out on Xbox now--were the realms of the action-adventure-RPG-like! I barely got to see each of the worlds in the movie though. Who knew that the Easter Bunny lives in an Aztec ruin?

Now, I know it's for I was disappointed that the most Tooth Fairy and Jack could do is hug, "accidentally." I was actually expecting that Tooth's feathers would slowly shed off to reveal her human face as kids lost faith in her bribing skills in the near end. How cute would it had been if they developed the romance a little further? A forbidden love between two powerful guardians? Kids? No? Fine...I'll wait for Part 2. 

Has past and footwear issues.
Edward Cullen tim-burtonified. 

Has an ink addiction and belly issues.

Flattering hips but lacked boobs.

Small but terrible--also pretty quiet.

An Easter Bunny gone bad.

Monday, December 3, 2012


Plain Cheese (P120.00)

If asked where I get my favorite pizza right now, I'd easily say Nolita. I've heard raves about their pizza as an authentic tasting New York style pizza. Now, I'm not one to say something authentic unless I've been to New York, but one thing I can say is that the pizza here is not the same kind of pizza you'd find in those common places. Before Nolita, my favorite was the pizza sold at S&R due to its dough and cheese...but now that Nolita is here, this is the "this is it" pizza for me. Mind you, there's a difference between American pizza and Italian pizza...Nolita is my American pizza fix. 

Why so? Because the crust is something that you can actually eat even without the toppings. They've made the right mix starting with the basic: the dough, the sauce, and the cheese. Even with just those three, you'd be satisfied...besides, there's a big jump in price from the plain cheese pizza which costs P120.00, the price jumps up around P250.00 for the topped pizza. I mean, yes, they're generous with the toppings, and each ingredient was carefully made...but that 100+ mark-up is quite ouch. Also, as you can see the size of the pizza is bigger than the paper plate and longer than the utensils; you can only imagine how full you'll get by the end of the meal.

The Eggplant Parmesan was chuck-full of deep-fried breaded eggplant that you'll only want more bite after bite. While the Wild Mushroom Walnut Blue means that you will be eating up to four kinds of fresh (yes, not canned) mushrooms with bleu cheese chunks...forgot if I saw the walnut though...still, it's so good and light and savory enough to make you close your eyes as you chew a mouthful.

They say the proper way to eat the pizza is to pinch both ends of the crust to a fold so that it holds up as you shove it up your mouth. I usually do that for my first bite, for the rest of the pizza I use the fork for a dignified meal. And if you notice, there's a big un-topped space in the end, don't worry because it's tasty enough to be eaten on its own. If not, dip it in hot sauce and enjoy.

My favorite buffalo wings in town. I can finish two plates of this! (P350.00)

Eggplant Parmesan (P250.00) 

Wild Mushroom Walnut Blue (P250.00)

Bowl of Chili (P250.00)

Other than pizza, they also offer a selection of other American staples like burgers, chili, pasta, fries, salad, and the like...they even serve funnel cake! This is a resto that does good food without the pretensions of good plating. The visual appeal is in how the food was prepared--with heaping amounts of ingredients. The chili was a good comfort food, and I'm glad because there's not a lot of places out there who serve chili, and this one was good. Lots of beans, tomato, beef, cheese, and a nice cold dollop of sour cream made me clean my bowl down to the last stain.

Cannoli (P100.00)

The other reason why I love this place is because they serve cannoli. I've been waiting for this dessert to be served in a more approachable place, and this is where I found it. It may look simple, but this Italian dessert is one heck of a delectable dessert. It's a creamed cheese-centric dessert usually made out of ricotta piped in a tube of crispy heavenly goodness. The one in Nolita can be made plain or with banana flavor...I prefer the plain. Inside the cannoli are bits of chocolate chips, chopped walnuts, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and candied orange peel; it is then dusted off with a healthy dose of powdered sugar. Biting into that dessert will make you crave for nothing else but another bite of that damn good piece of heaven.

Interior-wise, it's a cool place to chill and eat good food. Clad in black walls and wooden seats, you can just sit back and enjoy your meal. Although the down part is that I've noticed flies around the place every time I visit. I suppose that's because their food is that good, and that the staff has the tendency to keep the large door open making flies enter freely as they please. Other than that, the hanging lamps and the exposed ceiling, with knickknack frames and the quick service makes this place a good go-to place.  

Another interesting thing I've noticed is that instead of giving us numbers for our table, they handed out this photo of a yellow taxi to mark our table. I suppose they use New York landmarks and such to make the experience more enjoyable. As a whole, I'm glad Nolita is being recognized as one of the best restaurants for pizza because they're very much deserving of the praise. I hope they'll be in High Street for many many many more years, for my sake.

UG/F Bonifacio High Street Central, 
West Superblock, 
7th Ave cor 29th St
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

*Due to persistent demands, some 
photos were taken by Francis Nariz