Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Roundup

Our Nochebuena above and Media Noche below. I cooked pasta margarita, aglio olio, lamb steak and date bars this time.

What can I say? 2014 has been good to me, so good that I’m rather sad to see it tick by. I love it so much that I subconsciously awoken at 3AM today and for some weird reason and could no longer sleep…probably because of the coffee I drank before bedtime, but then again it was never an issue before. I’ve achieved so much this year: reaching the furthest point I could be in my life thus far, meeting new friends, learning new whatevers, tasting A LOT of dishes for the first time, riding the zipline, dyeing my hair red, getting a shot at working at a new department and putting out new projects, learned to like my job then resigned by year-end, but the highlight was establishing a startup business with my friends along the way. Needless to say, this year has been one of the best years of my life. My 2014 has certainly been a year that gave me back my confidence in making life decisions, big or small. This was a year of letting go of doubts and trusting my gut-feeling no matter the criticism, and it was because of that move that I was able to smile at the world a whole lot more.

The quote, “If you think things are falling apart, it’s maybe because so it could fall into place” or something of that note really came into my messed-up brain tonight. This year was about letting go of everything, and that includes the stable job I had for over two years, just so I can have a real start by 2015. And although I felt fear down my spine the moment I stepped out the office consciously knowing that I was now jobless in god-knows how long, I also actually felt brave having been able to do. For some, it may seem like a stupid move, but it was a proud moment for me to have stood my ground beside all odds.

2015 will be my transition year, between this point of my life, asking myself “what now?” and actually finding myself doing something I’ve always wanted without the constraints of being chained into an office. 2014 was my break-away year, and 2015 will be my making-something-out-of-nothing year.

And thus here are a collection of my last few days of this year...though it mostly revolves around food and eating. :/

It was a great one!

Thank you to everyone for the gifts!
I wasn't able to take the photos of the ones I got in Bacolod though. :(

Three things I do when I go to Bacolod:
1. Eat inasal at Aida's in Manokan Country.
2. Eat dessert from Calea or anywhere new.
3. Eat at a Korean Restaurant. It's cheaper. 
Dinner at Krabby Fatty. It was comfort food, but was a little sweeter than should.

Lord Byron's Baby Back Ribs for only Php150.00!!!!!!!
I mean, this would have easily cost twice as much in Manila.
It was a smoky-sweet and fall-off-the-bones meaty goodness.