Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Rooftop Poetry

I met someone on a rooftop, the same rooftop where I was asked a question that cornered me into a brief malfunction, and got me thinking long after I answered the question. He was tall, pleasantly charming, British, and in an advertising field in London. We spoke a bit about our travels, and I suggested some local beaches where he could go to because he's also surfer without much itinerary on his supposed three-week solo travel. A few weeks after I met him, I tried recalling that night and ended up with this silly poem. My interest in creating poetry ended in high school...which was over ten years ago, because at one point I found them to be too ambiguous and pretentious, that I just stopped it all together. Now, after maturing a bit, I'm trying to reignite my appreciation for poems by writing one. I wrote it in one sitting, uninterrupted, but this is just a casually written thought as to how I felt that moment of reminiscing. And no, I don't do word counts and rhymes in my poetry.  


An undefined moment
Of an unspecific time
In an indefinite place
I met your eyes with mine

It was an unsolicited chance
Of uncharted plans
But in that one instance
It felt just right

I may have forgotten your name
Your face now a blur
But in that fated encounter
We made ourselves smile
And just for that cameo moment
We were in each other's lives

As for the uncalled for question, it was asked by a friend who I'm really not that close with, which made it all the more awkward to be caught off guard. She asked me, in front of my brother, "What type of guy do you consider an ideal man?" I kinda blanked out for a bit, and just stared at her trying to come up with the most honest and spontaneous answer I could think of without taking too long. Because honestly, I have not answered that question in yearssss. The first thing I said, "I don't know." Because I honestly DON'T KNOW! Then I said something vague like, "A mature guy with an ambition, and dreams, and life goals─" and then my brother butted in, "What if all he ever does is dream?" We then laughed and the topic ended. Thankfully. He must've seen me internally screaming at him to save me from giving any more awkward answers. He knows I'm not into talking about cheesy stuff like crushes and dream guys. I'm more of a, "Hey he's hot!" then-move-on-with-my-life kinda girl.

Years ago, like pre-puberty days, I have this fascination with long-haired men with piercing blue eyes, chiseled chins, and a beautifully shaped eyebrows. Why? Because I believed they were Disney princes in real life. Now? I'm still into long haired guys with shapely brows because that's my thing...but the ambition part, urgh, I think I need to clear that out. Probably the most mature and real thing I can say about describing my type of guy beyond the physical, is the one whose ambitions and goals compliments with mine, and who shares the same values with me. In the long run, it'll make life less complicated and chaotic because you both will be going in the same direction for years on end, and there's nothing like finding a partner in life wherein you fulfill each other's dreams. But of course, that's just two of the many facets I'm looking for in a guy. The rest? I'll tell in another time....  

My major crushes as a kid in the 90's, Legolas being the last in 2001.
One of them is still my crush because he turned into this great man, David Beckham.
As for my more current crushes? Nah...